how to update a glass coffee table

How to Update a Glass Coffee Table

Are you looking to give your glass coffee table a quick and stylish update? Glass coffee tables are modern and often simple, making it easy to customize. Here are some tips to give your glass coffee table an upgrade.

1. Paint the Base

Paint is an easy and effective way to give any table a unique look. Before you start, make sure the surface is clean, sanded and primed for the best finish. Pick a bold, eye-catching paint colour for the base and consider other accents like a gloss top-coat or a wash of paint over the base.

2. Glam It Up with Accessories

Spruce up your glass coffee table with a few decorative items like a fresh set of books, a bowl of fruit or a stylish vase. Accessories are a great way to make any table look luxurious and stylish. You can also add a runner topped with scented candles and delicate jewellery.

3. Add Interesting Details

To give your coffee table a unique, personal touch, consider investing in interesting details like handles, knobs, knitted details and tassels. These small touches will add warmth and charm to any space.

4. Consider Layering

Try layering a few items on your coffee table in different heights and textures to give it an opulent look. For example, you could layer a tray or ottoman on top of the table combined with a few colourful cushions or a runner.

5. Add Colour to the Table Top

For a bold look, consider adding a little colour to the glass top of your coffee table. Try using a spray paint designed specifically for glass and experiment with different colours to find the perfect one to brighten up your room.

6. Display Collectables

Showcase your favourite collectables on your coffee table for an interesting and unique look. Consider the size and shape of your pieces and lay them out in groups for the best effect.

7. Create Blur Backgrounds

Create interest beneath your coffee table by laying a patterned fabric or rug below it. This will give your room a dreamy, ethereal feel and help add a bit of warmth and colour to a room.


A glass coffee table is the perfect canvas for a modern and stylish update. When it comes to upgrading your living room or lounge, start with your glass coffee table. Consider the tips above to give your glass coffee table a modern update.

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