how to update a glass coffee table

How to Update a Glass Coffee Table

Decorating your home or updating the furniture–especially with something as elegant as a glass coffee table–can be a daunting task. Fortunately, updating a glass coffee table is a relatively easy process that can often be done with items you already have on hand, or a few inexpensive additions. Here’s what you need to know to give your glass coffee table a stylish update.

1. Choose a Color Scheme

Before you start your update project, determine what colors or patterns you want to dominate the look of your table. This will inform the choice of other items you purchase or use. When choosing colors, look for analogous and complimentary colors that will draw the eye toward certain points on the table and create a unified look.

2. Placemats and Coasters

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to update a glass coffee table is to add placemats or coasters to its surface. Placemats not only protect your table’s surface, but they also serve as a stylish decoration. Look for placemats and coasters in various shapes, colors, and textures that match your color scheme and will draw the eye to the table.

3. Re-Imagine the Accessories

Take a look at the objects you’ve placed on your table. Are they visually appealing? Do they fit the new color scheme? Consider moving certain items to different rooms, donating them, and replacing them with more attractive décor pieces. Your unique style and taste should guide you as you choose items that reflect your personality, but keep in mind the size and how it relates to your new color scheme.

4. Add a Centerpiece

Adding a statement centerpiece can help complete the look of your new glass coffee table. Look for eye-catching pieces such as:

  • Flower vases – Select a vase to match your color scheme and arrange a few beautiful blooms or tall grasses inside.
  • Candles – Choose a stylish candle holder and place several scent-free candles inside. Allow space between the candles.
  • Decorative boxes – Select an interesting box that matches your scheme, and place it in the center of the table.

5. Finish with Accent Lighting

Finally, add some mood lighting to your glass coffee table to create a warm, inviting atmosphere. Accent lights such as strands of fairy lights, LED tealights, or even a classic lamp can help to finish off the look you created.

Updating a glass coffee table with a few simple additions can create a whole new look for your home. By taking the time to plan out your design, select stylish décor, and add some lighting, you can easily update your coffee table and transform its style.

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