how to update a brass and glass coffee table

Updating a Brass and Glass Coffee Table

Updating an old brass and glass coffee table can be an inexpensive way to give your living space a modern, polished appearance. Plus, it’s easier than you think! Here are some simple steps to help you spruce up your coffee table:

1. Clean it

Use a soft cloth to clean the brass and glass surfaces before doing any further work. Removing dust and dirt will give you the perfect foundation for an update.

2. Polish the Brass

Purchase brass polish to make the brass look like new. Follow the instructions on the polish and apply it to the entire piece. If the brass base of your coffee table appears to have lost its original shine, you can use metal polish to make it look like new again.

3. Paint the Frame

If you’d like to add a new look to your coffee table, consider painting the frame. This can be done with a brush or spray paint. If you don’t want to paint the entire frame, consider adding a few accents with the spray paint.

4. Add Accessories

Finally, add some accessories to make your coffee table stand out. Consider some new magazines or books that can be used as a display piece atop the table. Or, add a few plants or trays to store items underneath the surface.

You now have an updated, modern looking coffee table that looks like new! With these simple steps, you’ll be able to add a new, stylish look to your coffee table without spending a fortune.

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