how to update 70’s wood coffee table

How to Update 70’s Wood Coffee Table

Adding a few touches to a vintage 70’s wood coffee table can dramatically change the look of your living room. With a few simple steps, you can update and bring back the life of your furniture. Read on to discover how to bring back the nostalgia of your 70’s wood coffee table.

Step 1: Sand

Sand down the top and sides of the wood to create a smooth texture for painting. Be sure to use 80-120 grit sandpaper. If you have curvy legs or adornments on the furniture, you can use a sanding sponge instead of sandpaper.

Step 2: Prime

After the sanding is complete, apply a stain-blocking primer. This helps create an even surface and prevents the dark wood from seeping through the paint. Allow the primer to fully dry before moving on to the next step.

Step 3: Paint

Choose a color of your preference to give the furniture an updated look. Before applying the paint, make sure to stir it thoroughly. Then with a brush, create a smooth finish.

Step 4: Glaze

To add a hint of nostalgia, glaze the furniture with a clay-based glaze. Spread the glaze with a brush and lightly wipe the surface. This will add depth, highlighting the details and patterns of your coffee table.

Step 5: Seal

Finally, seal your piece with a waterproof finish. This will protect the wood from moisture and accidents. You can opt for a polyurethane or a wax-based sealant.


Updating your 70’s wood coffee table is a simple remedy for modernizing your living room. Follow these steps and you will be pleasantly surprised by the end result.


  • Take breaks in between each step to allow the furniture to dry properly.
  • Wear a mask and protective glasses while sanding to avoid inhaling the dust.
  • Work in a well ventilated area.

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