how to turn trunk into coffee table simple

How To Turn A Trunk Into A Coffee Table (Simple)


An old trunk can be quickly and easily turned into a stylish and useful coffee table. This DIY project can be done with a few supplies, basic tools, and a bit of elbow grease.

Things You’ll Need

  • Old trunk
  • Sandpaper
  • Primer and paint
  • Stiff paintbrush
  • Tabletop finish (optional)
  • Heavy-duty furniture pads for legs (optional)


  1. Clean and prepare the trunk. Remove any dust, dirt, and grime with a damp cloth. Sand any rough spots with sandpaper.
  2. Prime and paint the trunk. Use a stiff brush and primer to prepare the surface for painting. Once the primer is dry, add one or two coats of paint to the trunk. Be sure to cover the entire trunk and let the paint dry between coats.
  3. Finish the top. If desired, use a polyurethane or other furniture finish to protect and seal the top of the trunk. This will help to make it easier to clean the top of the coffee table.
  4. Place furniture pads on the bottom of each leg. This will help to protect your floors from scratches and dents.
  5. Enjoy your new coffee table. Place some favorite books or magazines on top for decoration, and enjoy your new stylish piece of furniture.


  • If the trunk has metal handles or trim, it can be painted with a metal spray paint for added protection.
  • Line the inside of the trunk with some fabric or colorful paper to add an extra touch of style.
  • If the trunk has a lock or latch, you can add a padlock for added security.


With a few supplies and a bit of elbow grease, you can easily turn an old trunk into a unique and stylish coffee table. Your new piece of furniture can be used to add some vintage charm to any room. Enjoy your new DIY project!

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