how to tell if coffee table is real wood

How to Tell if a Coffee Table is Real Wood

When it comes to furnishings, wood coffee tables are among the most popular options. The beauty of wood is timeless and can match any room’s decor. However, it’s important to know if your table is made of real wood or not so that you can ensure its quality and longevity. Here are a few steps you can take to find out if your coffee table is real wood:

Take a Close Look

The first step to determine if your coffee table is real wood or not is to take a close look. This can often be done from a visual inspection. Look for imperfections in the wood grain, including slight differences in color. If you spot any differences, that could be a sign it is not authentic.

Inspect the Edges

Examine the edges of the table. Look for indentation in the edges, which indicates the use of veneers. You should also see if the corners of the table line up perfectly. If they do, this is often a sign of higher-quality wood.

Give it a Tap

Real wood will usually emit a hollow sound if you tap it with your knuckle. It should also be slightly denser than plastic or composite material.

Check For a Smell

Authentic wood will have a distinct smell when you come close to it. If it doesn’t smell like real wood, then it likely isn’t.

Perform the Burn Test

Another way to tell if your coffee table is real wood is to take a match or a lighter and perform the Burn Test. Light a match or lighter and hold it against a corner of the table. If it is real wood, it should char and turn darker. If it’s an imitation, it will typically melt and discolor.


Real wood is a timeless material that can enhance the beauty of a room. Knowing how to tell if your coffee table is real wood is important so that you can be sure of its quality. From visual inspection to the Burn Test, these tips should help you identify whether the furniture is real wood or not.

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