how to style square glass coffee table

Styling a Square Glass Coffee Table

A square glass coffee table is a great choice for a modern look in your home. The glass construction allows light to flood your space, creating an open feel. But how do you style it? Follow these steps to keep your square glass coffee table looking stylish:

Choose the Right Color Scheme

When selecting items to put on your square glass coffee table, it’s important to have a color scheme in mind. Whether you prefer bold and bright or muted and pastel, having an idea of the overall color scheme will help you wisely pick out items for your coffee table.

Include Two Heights

When styling a square glass coffee table, it’s important to have a mix of heights. This helps create visual interest, and does not crowd the whole table with just one size element. Choose one or two large items, such as a plant or a tray, and then fill in the rest of the space with smaller items.

Find the Right Balance

When it comes to styling a square glass coffee table, the key is to find the right balance between the two heights you include. Too many tall items can make your space feel cramped, and too many small items can make it look cluttered. Look for a way to strike a balance between the two.

Don’t Overcrowd

When styling your square glass coffee table, it can be tempting to add a lot of different items to it. But oversaturating your table with knick knacks and décor pieces can make your table feel cluttered. Instead, pick a few important pieces that stand out and help to finish off the look.

Use Accessories to Add Color or Texture

To complete the look of your square glass coffee table, consider adding some accessories. This can be anything from display books or set of coasters, to textured baskets, or even a vase of fresh flowers. These items will help to add texture and visual interest to your table.

Finishing Touches

Finally, finish off your square glass coffee table with some decorative lighting, like small table lamps or candles, to add a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Tips for styling your Square Glass Coffee Table:

  • Choose the right color scheme.
  • Include two heights.
  • Find the right balance.
  • Don’t overcrowd.
  • Use accessories to add color or texture.
  • Finish off with decorative lighting.

Styling your square glass coffee table doesn’t have to be intimidating. With careful planning and choosing the right pieces and colors, you can have your coffee table looking stylish in no time!

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