how to style square glass coffee table

How to Style a Square Glass Coffee Table

If you are looking for a unique, modern piece to add to your room, a square glass coffee table may be the perfect addition. These sleek tables look great in any room and can be customized to your individual style. Here are some tips on styling your square glass coffee table:

1. Choose the Right Size Table

The first step to styling your coffee table is to find one that fits your space. Measure the area where you plan to place the table and make sure that the size is appropriate. If the coffee table is too small, it won’t be adequately functional, but if it’s too large, it may overpower the room.

2. Retain the Natural Look

The beauty of a glass coffee table is in its simplicity and transparency. To retain the table’s natural look, reserve decor for the surface and around the table. Try adding small objects like sculptures, plants and other accents to the room to add interest without obscuring the table.

3. Opt for Matte Finishes

If you would like to add a bit of contrast and texture, choose pieces with a matte finish. These items stand out against the clear glass and create an interesting dynamic. Think of items such as a decorative tray, vases or even books to create an elegant, textured look.

4. Layer Your Accessories

No matter what accessories you choose, make sure that you create layers when styling your square glass coffee table. You can achieve this by stacking books, layering coasters over a tray, or adding small boxes to create multiple levels.

5. Incorporate LED Lights

Another great way to accessorize your square glass coffee table is to add LED lights. These lights come in various colors and can be used to create fun designs around the table and in the room.


Your square glass coffee table is the perfect way to add modern flair and design to any room. Keep the following in mind when styling your table:

  • Choose the Right Size Table: Make sure the table fits the room.
  • Retain the Natural Look: Keep decoration to the surface and around the table.
  • Opt for Matte Finishes: Choose items with a matte finish for texture and contrast.
  • Layer Your Accessories: Try stacking or layering your accessories.
  • Incorporate LED Lights: Add color and fun with LED lights.

With the right styling, your glass coffee table will surely be the centerpiece of any room.

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