how to style square glass coffee table

A Guide of How to Style Your Square Glass Coffee Table

A square glass coffee table is an elegant and modern furniture piece that will instantly add character to any space. But with this contemporary style, styling around a square glass coffee table can be tricky. Here are five tips on how to pull off a balanced, stylish look.

1. Combining Textures

When styling with a glass coffee table, balance the hardness of the glass with inviting voices. You can use rugs, blankets throws and even cushions to create a cozy look. Play with different textures such as a velvet sofa, linen or cotton throw blanket, wool or jute carpets, and faux fur cushions. This will give your space character and impress your guests.

2. Pick the Right Size

When adding accessories like a vase or lamp, opt for options that are slightly shorter than the height of your table. This will keep the area from looking too cramped and cluttered. The same principle applies for a larger table. Choose a statement item that fills up the space so that it looks inviting and not empty.

3. Keep the Table Clear

Keep the presence of the table eye-catching by keeping it clear of clutter. This will bring attention to the beautiful glass table, and you can also add personal items like your own favorite books, vases and plants.

4. Work with Neutrals

Neutrals colors like white, gray and beige can create a timeless look that adds a modern touch to your glass table. It can be combined with bright colors to keep it looking fresh and inviting.

5. Place Small Objects

Place small objects such as candles for a relaxed atmosphere. It will help focus the look of the table, and can make your living space look bigger.


Square glass coffee tables are a stylish and modern furniture piece that instantly adds character to any space. But styling the area around it can be tricky. With these tips, your square glass coffee table area will look sleek, classic and modern.


  • Combine textures in the space
  • Pick the right size accessories
  • Keep the table clear
  • Pick neutral colors
  • Add small objects

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