how to style round glass coffee table

How to Style a Round Glass Coffee Table

A round glass coffee table can be a striking and sophisticated addition to any living room. It will bring a modern and minimalist look to any space quickly and easily. Furthermore, glass allows for an eye-catching display beneath the surface. To help you make the most of your glass coffee table, here are some tips to successfully style it.

Pick a Color Palette

A great place to start when styling a glass coffee table is to choose a simple yet bold color palette. Whether it’s a surfer-chic combination of deep and light blues or a classic black, white and gold palette, the colors don’t need to be loud to be effective. By limiting your palette, you will be able to put a little extra effort into each detail, resulting in an eye-catching, harmonious display.

Mix Different Textures

A glass coffee table can be complemented nicely with layers of softer textures. Consider draping a thick knitted blanket over the frame and adding plump cushions to the seating. Fur, velvet and tasselled throws can bring color and luxury to the sofa. Don’t forget to add other elements like greenery, books and vintage magazines for an eclectic edge. These items can be seen and admired through the glass without overwhelming the room.

Add Interesting Decor

One of the best ways to update your living room is by adding unique decorative pieces. Use pieces that have contrasting textures and colors, it will draw the eye directly to the glass coffee table. Perhaps a marble-based lamp, metal trinket bowl or a stack of decorative books – the only limit is your imagination.

Soften with Lighting

To finish the look of your round glass coffee table, consider adding some low level lighting. Small textured lamps and fairy lights will help to add a warm, inviting ambience while diffusing the light around the room. Layer the overhead, main and accent lights for maximum impact.

In summary, with just a few easy steps you can update your living room with a stylish round glass coffee table. Here are the key elements to remember:

  • Pick a color palette for maximum impact
  • Mix different textures to add layers of comfort to the room
  • Add interesting decor to showcase through the glass
  • Soften with lighting to create a cozy atmosphere.

By following these easy styling tips, you will soon have a modern and luxurious living room that is the envy of your guests.

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