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Styling a Round Coffee Table

Creating a stylish centerpiece for your living room or family room can be easy with the right round coffee table. To style a round coffee table, use a few simple tips and tricks to instantly improve the look and feel of your space.

Pick the Right Shape and Size

When selecting a round coffee table, choose one that complements the size, shape, and style of your room. Think wisely about where the table will be placed, and measure the space to find the right size. For example, if your space is small, you may need to look for a more petite nesting table set or one with a low profile.

Go for a Focal Point

Draw the eye to your coffee table by incorporating a focal point. Think about the colors, shapes, and materials used in the room and use those elements to find something that stands out, such as a bold pattern or unique shape. Place this detail in the middle of the table, like a vase of flowers or a unique sculpture.

Play with Heights and Textures

Use a mix of heights and textures to give your round coffee table an interesting and dynamic look. For example, add in a stack of books, a candle holder, or a sculptural accent piece to grab the attention of guests. Layer different materials such as glass, ceramic, and metal to add depth and interest.

Don’t Overcrowd

Be careful not to overcrowd your coffee table, as too much clutter can hinder the look of your space. Stick with a couple of pieces and be intentional with your setup. Remember, less is more when creating a chic display.

Style Your Round Coffee Table

Follow these tips to style your round coffee table:

    • Pick the right shape and size for your space.


    • Incorporate a unique focal point.


    • Play with heights and textures for visual interest.


    • Don’t overcrowd your table.


By following these tips, you’ll have a stylish round coffee table worthy of your favorite living room or family room.

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