how to style round coffee table

Styling Round Coffee Tables

Are you looking to take your living space from dull to dazzling? Styling a round coffee table can be a great way to instantly transform the look and feel of a room. Whether you have an oval, circular or textured round table, here are some tips for styling your adorable round coffee table.

Create An Anchor Point

The foundation of styling around your table begins with creating an anchor point. This will be the focal point of the table, so make it something you’ll enjoy looking at every day. Consider using a tray, a set of books or a vase to act as your anchor point.

Finding The Right Height

When deciding on how to arrange pieces around your round table, you want to create a pyramid effect, with the tallest item being your anchor point. Continue to layer around the table with items of different shapes and sizes.

Symmetry and Balance

Symmetry and balance are key for success with round tables. Try to keep items on either side of your anchor point the same in terms of heights, shapes and sizes – for example, a cluster of vases on the left side and a stack of books on the right. You can also vary textures for extra dimension – for example, combining velvet, jute and ceramic pieces.

Don’t Be Afraid of Color

Adding colours to a room can change the energy in the space and styling your coffee table is a great way to do this. Consider using a bold art piece, colourful flowers or adding patterned pillows to brighten and liven up the room.

Must Have Accessories

To complete the look of your coffee table, here are some must-have accessories:

  • Candles – Candles are a great way to soften and add romance to your living space. Choose candles complementary in size and colour to the other elements on your table.
  • Pictures – Display your family or favourite quotes in decorative frames. This is a creative way to make your space feel warm and personal.
  • Plants – Both real and faux plants can add an element of natural beauty to your coffee table. Choose plants that are easy to care for such as succulents, air plants or vibrant paperwheels.

These tips should help guide you in styling your round coffee table and bringing your living space from dull to dazzling. Have fun with the process and don’t forget to include pieces which make you smile.

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