how to style glass coffee table

How To Style A Glass Coffee Table

Glass coffee tables add a modern and stylish touch to your living room, but if left undecorated, they can look bland. With the following tips, you can transform your glass coffee table into a stylish centerpiece.

Choose A Complementary Rug:

Picking a rug that complements the shape and size of the coffee table creates a visually appealing foundation. When choosing a rug, select one with an unconventional or eye-catching pattern to give your living room a designer look.

Choose Books That Pops:

Fill the open space under the coffee table with books that contrast in size and colour. Ensure that the books should be primarily of various sizes and the same height, with a combination of glossy softcovers and hardcovers that stick out.

Display Something Unique:

Display something unexpected to break the monotony of the books. This could range from a feature sculpture to a centrepiece bowl or tray. Try to keep the display personal and unique for a focal point that enhances the style of your living room.

Add A Plant To The Orbits:

Introduce a small, low-maintenance plant to the books and accompanying sculpture for a natural touch. Rather than focusing on the size, pick a plant that creates an interesting composition when put side by side with other elements and complements the display’s overall aesthetic.

Finishing Touch With An Accessory:

Finish the look with an accessory that captures the eye and ties everything together. Add a metallic vase, smoky glasses, bright ceramic bowl or plants in interesting planters with fresh cut blooms or succulents.


  • Create contrast: By pairing books of different sizes and colours with each other, you can create a beautiful contrast and draw focus onto the coffee table.
  • Balance warm and cool tones: Choose warm tones like beige, yellow and amber that contrast with cooler tones of blues and greens.
  • Minimal is best: Too many accessories can be distracting and make a room look cluttered. The simplest way to create a striking coffee table display is to choose one object that is big and bold, then add just a few small accessories.

By making conscious design choices when styling your glass coffee table, you can create a stylish and modern living room. With the right balance of books, plants and accessories, you can create a coffee table display that will become the envy of your friends.

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