how to style glass coffee table

Styling a Glass Coffee Table

It is the perfect time to upgrade your living room with a stylish glass coffee table, but how do you style this piece once you have brought it home?

Here are few ideas for styling your glass coffee table:

  • Add a hint of color with flowers: Upcycling an old vase and filling it with bright, vibrant blooms can energize a room and inject your glass coffee table with color.
  • Incorporate artwork or decorative accents: An abstract or minimal design can add an interesting focal point to your room. Choose a piece that expresses your personality and complements the other elements in the space.
  • Create a centerpiece: Display a treasured object or a stack of books on your table to create a conversation point.
  • Enhance with textures and fabrics: Adding items with a range of textures such as throws, blankets or cushions can help to bring warmth and comfort to a room and can instantly refresh your look.

A simple glass coffee table can be an attractive addition to any living space, but the real key to success is personalizing it to your taste and lifestyle. With so many creative options available, it’s easy to find a style that makes your space inviting, comfortable and uniquely yours.

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