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Easy Styling Tips For a Coffee Table

A coffee table can be an essential part of the furniture in your living room, often serving as a centerpiece and a functional piece of decor. Here are some easy tips for styling your coffee table with a little bit of imagination.

Choose a Centerpiece

The coffee table can be a perfect area to display decorations or to serve as a centerpiece for your living room. You may want to use books, photographs, plants, trinkets, and artwork to give your table character and to provide a focal point for the space.

Arrange Your Books

If you’re using books, arrange them by height and size to create visual interest and to make your display look cohesive. This helps to further anchor your table and create balance in the room.

Place Tall Accents

Using taller objects such as a lamp, a candle holder, or a vase helps to add depth to your table arrangement. This helps to create more structure and also draws the eye to the center section of your table.

Work With Textures and Colors

Choose items with interesting textures and vibrant colors to add visual interest and to make your table stand out. Consider adding a cozy throw blanket or a decorative pillow to your table for a touch of texture.

Use Small Accents

Using small objects like a cluster of books, a trinket dish, or plants can help to add more interest to your arrangement. Place them strategically around the centerpiece to create a well-rounded and inviting display.

Add Plants

You may also want to consider adding small plants or succulents to your table for a vibrant, dynamic touch. Choose plants of different sizes and add them to your table to add a touch of nature to your home.

By following these tips, you can create a stylish and inviting coffee table that anchors your living room and helps set a cozy vibe. Have fun and experiment with different arrangements until you find the perfect look for your home.

Happy Decorating!

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