how to style coffee table tray

How to Style a Coffee Table Tray

Using a coffee table tray is a great way to give extra style to your living room. Whether you prefer a modern or classic style, a tray can immediately define the space. Here are some tips to help style your own tray.

1. Balance

When styling a tray, it’s important to create balance. Consider the size and shape of your tray and then decide on the items you wish you add. Make sure you select items with complementary shapes and colors that don’t overwhelm the tray.

2. Layer

Layering different items is a great way to give your tray visual interest. Start with a few key items as the base and add small items on top. This can include a candlestick, a vase of flowers, a stack of books and even a small bowl of candy.

3. Choose Finishing Touches

Finishing touches can include items like greenery and artwork. Here are a few ideas for styling your tray:

  • Greenery: Add small succulents or a mini cactus to add some life to your tray.
  • Artwork: Hang a painting above the tray or add some framed prints to the sides.
  • Decorative Objects: Include items like books, figurines, or decorative boxes.
  • Candles: Candles are a great way to set the mood and add warmth to the room.

4. Make it Functional

Don’t forget that a tray should be functional as well. Add items like coasters, remotes, and even a game board to make it more practical.

Your coffee table tray can be a reflection of your personal style, so get creative and don’t be afraid to mix and match different items. Above all, have fun with your tray and enjoy watching it come alive.

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