how to style a square glass coffee table

Styling a Square Glass Coffee Table

A square glass coffee table is a great way to add a modern and contemporary look to any living room space. The glass surface gives the illusion of openness and makes the room look larger. In order to really make your coffee table stand out, here are some tips for styling a square glass coffee table.

1. Add Height

Adding items that vary in height can be a great way to create visual interest in your square glass coffee table. Graphic books and ornamental objects can be placed in a stack, while a vase of flowers or a bowl of fruit can be used to create an inviting center point.

2. Play with Colors

Using items with different colors can create a unique look for your coffee table. Choose colors from your existing décor that will match your furniture and throw pillows, or use bright and bold colors to create a statement.

3. Incorporate Texture

Adding texture to the styling of a square glass coffee table can create a warm, inviting atmosphere. Place a soft wool blanket or a textured basket for an extra layer of interest.

4. Add Accessories

Accessories can really help create a personalized style for your coffee table. Think about items that represent your personal taste or style, such as candles, sculptures, artwork, and trinkets, to create a unique look.

5. Be Functional

Although your coffee table should look good, it is important to remember that it should also be functional. Place items such as remotes and coffee table books nearby, so they can be easily accessed when need.


A square glass coffee table can be a great way to add a modern and contemporary look to any living room. By following these tips, you can easily create a unique and stylish look that is also functional.

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