how to style a square glass coffee table

How to Style a Square Glass Coffee Table

No matter how small you home is, adding a square glass coffee table to your living area can instantly make a bold statement. Whether you choose to go with a plain classic look or a more modern and edgy furnishing, here are some tips to stylize your glass coffee table.


To amplify the beauty of your glass design, place some lighting on either side of your table along with some floor lamps. This adds a dramatic effect to bring out the glass components more and make the area brighter.

Clean Lines

Keep the style of your table simple and create clean lines by using oversized plants and books on top. It’s important to steer away from the over-cluttered look and focus on cleanliness. To achieve this style, add decorative items such as books, vases, flower arrangements, etc. that are of similar or matching sizes.

Vibrant Colors

For a more modern twist to your glass coffee table, add some vibrant colors to the area. Use a rug, pillows, and other accessories in bold shades to create a look that stands out and makes the room come alive.

Unique Finishes

Add unique finishes to your table by layering it with lanterns and candles. Candles add an extra spark of warmth to a room and complements any glass table that has a plain design. You can also use lanterns for a softer more subtle tone for your room.


Achieve the perfect balance between wood and glass by using textures to bring out the natural beauty of your glass coffee table. Using blankets, throws, and rugs, add more depth to the glass design and create more visual interest.


To add more contrast to your space, use area rugs and other accessories such as pillows and throws with various patterns and textures. This creates tension in a room and gives your coffee table some subtle dimension.

Essential Tips:

  • Go Simple: Avoid clutter and choose items with clean lines to keep your glass table looking timeless and elegant.
  • Think Bold: Add vibrant colors, bold patterns and unique textures to your room to make a statement.
  • Mix and Match: Take advantage of different materials by mixing and matching different textures, patterns, and finishes.
  • Go Natural: Add natural elements like lanterns and candles to make your space look more alive and cozy.

No matter what design you choose to go with, adding a glass coffee table to your living room is a great way to give your home an extra stylish touch. With these tips, you’ll be able to style your coffee table in no time!

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