how to style a round glass coffee table

How to Style a Round Glass Coffee Table

Glass coffee tables are stylish and practical additions to any living space. Whether you’re styling your living room, office, or bedroom, a round glass coffee table is versatile and adds a touch of elegance. Here are some tips on how to style a round glass coffee table:

Choose a Centrepiece

The centrepiece or “hero” of your round glass coffee table will depend on the theme of the room. If you want an ultra-modern look, consider a tall statue, a unique vase, or a decorative artwork. If your home has a more traditional aesthetic, embellish the table with an antique bust or an elaborate candle arrangement.

Pick the Right Accessories

After you have chosen a centrepiece, select a few accessories to go with it. Here are some accessory ideas:

  • Natural accents: Decorate the table with natural elements, such as a stack of books, a bowl of pinecones, or a plant in a decorative pot.
  • Ceramic items: Ceramic trinkets, sculptures, or jars can bring character to the glass table and make it look more personalized.
  • Lighting: Delicate lamps, string lights, or candles can improve the atmosphere and give the table a multi-dimensional look.

Experiment with Color and Pattern

Add a pop of color and pattern to the table to make it stand out even more. Consider draping a patterned blanket over the corner of the table, placing several brightly colored throws across the top and sides, or adding a set of coasters that are each individually decorated.

Keep in mind the central theme of the room when selecting colors and patterns. You don’t want to add too many different colors and patterns, as this will make the style look chaotic. Instead, stick to a maximum of two colors that you can mix and match.


A round glass coffee table is an eye-catching piece of furniture and can be used to bring together different colors and styles. Be creative when styling your table and don’t forget to select accessories that match the look and feel of the room. With the right selection of elements, you will definitely have a coffee table that everyone will enjoy looking at.

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