how to style a round glass coffee table

How to Style a Round Glass Coffee Table

Coffee tables are essential pieces of furniture when it comes to furnishing your living room. These days, more and more people are selecting round glass coffee tables to add a modern and elegant touch to their decor. If you recently purchased a round glass coffee table, it is important to learn methods for styling it to tie the entire room together.

1. Utilize Books

Books can be a great way to stylize your round glass coffee table. Group together coffee table books that are aesthetically pleasing or those that match the theme of the room. Books of various heights help to create depth and some height variation which is important when styling any surface. Alternatively, you can place your favourite book on the surface, or use bookends to hold it in place.

2. Consider a Tray

If you want to take your styling to the next level, try using a tray to display items. Group together items that stands out and make it look like a vignette. You can consider adding candles, plants, a lamp, some art or even a few picture frames.

3. Throw Pillows

If you have an open sectional or any other seating choice in the room you can use the round glass coffee table as an area for extra seating. Throw pillows of various sizes and colors will look great when artfully displayed on the table.

4. Incorporate Plants

Adding a few plants to the room can help bring in nature and life into a dull space. Place a tall houseplant in a pot on the center of the glass. Place a few smaller plants around it and you’ll have a lush and modern display.

5. Keep it Simple

Too much stuff can make the table look cluttered. Before you start styling, take everything off and assess the items that you would like to add back. It is best to keep it to a minimal and avoid going overboard. Remember, less is more!

Final Thoughts
Styling a round glass coffee table is something that you can easily do. By following the tips above, you can easily make it a spectacular functional decoration for any room. Don’t be afraid to experiment and have some fun with it!

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