how to style a round glass coffee table

Styling A Round Glass Coffee Table

A round glass coffee table can be a great way to spruce up a room. Whether you want a contemporary or classic style coffee table, a tailored glass table can give you a modern nod to any room. With proper styling, you can get a coffee table that looks great and makes an interior attractive. Here are a few tips to style a round glass coffee table.

Choose A Centrepiece

The round glass coffee table can be a great way to introduce a centrepiece to the room. You’ll want to start the look with something like a candle holder, a vase, or a bowl that you can use to bring out the colors and vibes of the room.

Compliment With An Occasional Chair

To bring out the fullness of the table, add an occasional chair. This way you can add a sense of presence and even get extra seating if needed.


Now, you can finish off the room by adding some books, artwork, and other accessories. Here are some ideas:

  • Books: Place books in stacks, or find ones that match the centerpieces.
  • Planters: If you want something green in the room then a planter or two can be a good solution.
  • Artwork: Mix it up and find pieces that will compliment the centerpieces in terms of colors and themes.
  • Decorative Bowls: Add a few decorative bowls that can act as a storage place for remotes, keys, or other items.


Lighting is a great way to bring out the qualities of a round glass coffee table. A small lamp or a glass lantern can do the trick. Overall, these tips can help you create a stylish and inviting living room with a round glass coffee table.

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