how to style a round glass coffee table

Using Glass Coffee Table to Up Your Decor Game

Round glass coffee tables can be an interesting centerpiece for your living room and will add to your decor with an extra edge of style. Here’s how to make use of such a statement piece:

Choose the Perfect Room

A round glass coffee table is an eye-catching, modern piece, so it should stand out in your living room. Make sure it’s not tucked away in a corner or overshadowed by other pieces of furniture.

Select the Accessories

The style of accessories you choose for it should depend on the location, style, and colours of the room. You can go for a subtle, but elegant statement using neutral accessories, such as crisp white flowers and coasters. Or, if you need a more eye-catching piece, then go daring and opt for more brightly coloured items, like cushions, throws and artwork.

Add a Rug

Create the perfect vibe and make the most of the overall look of your space by picking the right rug. A large, plush patterned rug in the right colours will look great when combined with a round glass coffee table.

Lighten Up

The perfect setting must include the right lighting. An adjustable round lamp looks great beside a glass table, or you can add a few dimmed light bulbs to create a cozy ambiance.

Bring in the Books

Stack your favorite books and magazines on the table to give it added character and to show off your personal style. Make sure you choose books that express your unique interests, for example, a stack of art related books or vintage novels.

Finally, enjoy the unique atmosphere a round glass coffee table provides you and your guests.

The Benefits of a Glass Table

  • Versatile: can fit easily into any design aesthetic.
  • Eye-catching: the round shape and glass surface makes it an ideal centerpiece.
  • Durable: a good quality table can last for decades.
  • Easy to clean: it’s effortless to keep clean by just wiping with a microfiber cloth.

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