how to style a rectangular coffee table

How To Style A Rectangular Coffee Table

Sofa and coffee tables are the centrepiece of any living space, so styling them right is crucial. The right rectangular coffee table can bring a room together and ensure everything looks stylish.

Steps For Styling A Rectangular Coffee Table

  • Choose a Table With The Right Proportions: Rectangular coffee tables come in all sizes and shapes, so it’s important to make sure your table makes the right statement. Generally speaking, the wider and longer the table, the more imposing it will be, so work out how much room you have for it and if you want the table to be subtle or statement.
  • Keep The Table Top Clear: While it’s great to have a table top that can be used to place objects, make sure you don’t overwhelm the space by having too much on top. Clutter can make any room look busy and inelegant, so use subtle pieces or decorative items and only one or two at most.
  • Pick Out Your Accessories: Accessories are the elements which bring spaces to life. Use stacked books, vases with flowers or large decorative items as centrepieces. A statement lamp is also great to bring out the design of the coffee table and tie in with the adjacent décor.
  • Layer Up: Coffee tables can become the perfect layered piece of furniture through the use of throws, blankets, candles and trays. Again, consider your space but don’t be afraid to layer for a comfortable and inviting finish.


Rectangular coffee tables are ideal for creating stylish and sociable seating arrangements. With just a few thoughtful touches and accessories, you can instantly transform your living space. Remember to choose wisely keeping size, shape and texture in mind. With your rectangular coffee table, you can guarantee a stylish addition to your room.

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