how to style a rectangle coffee table

How to Style a Rectangle Coffee Table

Coffee tables are a great way to add a center of attention in any room. Styling your rectangle coffee table can be a fun and easy way to switch up and refresh a space. Below is your guide to styling a rectangle coffee table.

1. Prepare the Table

  • Gather all of the objects and accessories you plan on using to style the table.
  • Remove all the clutter off of the table by putting away the remotes, books etc.
  • Wipe the table down with a damp cloth such as an all purpose cleaner.

2. Style the Table

  • Start with a Tray – A tray is a great way to act as a base to start the table off with. Pick a tray that fits the theme of the room and how you want it to feel.
  • Add a Centerpiece – You can use a vase, stack of books, accessories, candles etc. to create an interesting centerpiece.
  • Scatter Accessories Around – Pick out some of your favorite objects to place around the table. This could be any type of bowl, jar, book, magazine, etc.
  • Finish with Greenery – Add some fresh plants or flowers to the table. This will soften the look of the table and add a homely feel.

3. Enjoy Your Newly Styled Table

Once your table is finished, enjoy the new atmosphere you have created. You can change up the objects on the table for a different feel every once in a while to keep the space feeling fresh. Styling a rectangle coffee table is an easy and fun way to switch up the look of any room.

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