how to style a mirrored coffee table

How to Style a Mirrored Coffee Table

A mirrored coffee table can give your living room an eye-catching centerpiece that adds texture and shine to the décor. It can also be the perfect place to display your favorite decorative accents, books and art – all while still being functional. Here are some tips on how to style a mirrored coffee table so it looks perfectly put together.

1. Choose a Focal Element

Whether it’s a beautiful tray, a bundle of fresh flowers or your favorite book stacked on top of the table – choose a focal element to be the center of attention. This is the main piece that will bring the look of the table together.

2. Layer Accents

Creating balance and interest on the table by adding accent pieces can take the look from dull to dynamic. Use pieces of varying heights, textures and neutrals so they tie in together nicely. Here are some to include:

  • Candles: Create a cozy atmosphere with scented tea light candles or pillar candles in matching holders.
  • Books: Pile on your favorite coffee table books full of inspiring photos and quotes – style together with coffee coaster sets or bookmarks.
  • Flowers: Choose some colorful fresh flowers or flower arrangements in interesting vases – to bring life to the table.
  • Tray: A stylish tray on the mirrored coffee table will keep all the items together in one place and also make for easy tidying when needed.

3. Keep it Neat

When styling the mirrored coffee table it’s important not to overcrowd the space. Choose a few statement pieces and keep them centered on the table – avoid overcrowding the edges. Finally, a clean glass cleaner and a cloth is a must for keeping the surface of the mirrored coffee table looking pristine.

A well-styled mirrored coffee table can make all the difference to a living room. Choose a few pieces and stick to your style – there’s nothing more satisfying than a perfectly put together table.

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