how to style a large coffee table

How to Style a Large Coffee Table

A large coffee table can be an eye-catching focal point for any living room interior. With careful styling, you can use them to create a beautifully detailed atmosphere that reflects your design style. Here’s how to do it:

Determine the Purpose

Before styling your coffee table, it’s important to consider what function it will have. Is it just for decoration? Do you plan to keep magazines or books on it? With this in mind, you’ll know what accessories you should use to make the most of the space.

Add a Centerpiece

Whether it’s a vase, candleholder or sculpture, finding a central piece to draw attention to the coffee table will help add a splash of personality to your decor. It’s also a great anchor for additional styling.

Create Contrast

Pull your coffee table styling together by creating contrast. Incorporating accessories of different heights, shapes and materials will help create visual interest. Try combining heavier items alongside lighter pieces, pairing glossy finishes with matte textures, or blending round shapes with angular pieces.

Incorporate Textured Elements

Don’t be afraid to introduce tactile elements such as fur throws, velvet cushions or woven baskets. These add an extra layer of interest and luxury to your styling.

Bring in Scents

Scented candles, incense or diffusers can really bring a room to life and provide a soothing atmosphere. Choose fragrances that are calming, relaxing or indulgent to transport the space with perfume.


  • Small Statues: These can add a unique charm as well as an ethnic feel to a room.
  • Ceramics: Teacups, vases or decorative plates are a great way to inject color and vibrancy.
  • Decorative Fruits: Artificially-made, these can add a dash of boldness to any living room.
  • Books: For an organized and neat look, arrange books in a stack to create an eye-catching feature.
  • Flowers: Fragrant and fresh, flowers can brighten up your home throughout all seasons.

When styling your large coffee table, try to think of it as something to be enjoyed, not just a place to rest your feet. By bringing together your favorite pieces, you can create a unique, inviting atmosphere that reflects your personal style.

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