how to style a glass coffee table

5 Tips for Styling the Perfect Glass Coffee Table

Creating an inviting interior is all about finding the right balance of stylish decor and practicality. A glass coffee table can be the perfect way to add a luxe look to your room, but styling it just right can be tricky. Here are five simple tips for getting the most out of your glass coffee table.

#1 – Choose the Right Table

The first step is choosing the right glass coffee table for your home. You’ll want to consider the size of the room, the colours of the furnishings, and the overall style you’re aiming for – all of which should be reflected in the design of your table.

#2 – Mix Metals and Textures

To add a bit of interest, you can experiment with different metals and textures. Think about mixing different materials such as brass and copper, or even glass and marble. Adding these elements will tie in with your current colour palette and also provide an eye-catching centrepiece.

#3 – Bring in Colour

Use accessories and small decor elements to bring in a pop of colour. For example, incorporate fresh flowers, bright cushions, or colourful candles into your styling. Just be sure to not overcrowd the table, as this can take away from the whole look.

#4 – Display Decorative Accessories

Your coffee table is an ideal spot to display your favourite items. Whether you’re showcasing a set of favourite books, a statement vase, or a stylish tray, these items will draw attention to the table while also giving it a more personal touch.

#5 – Place a Stylish Rug

In order to truly make your space feel grounded, consider adding a stylish rug underneath the table. This will give the room a complete, put-together look and offer a great backdrop for the table. Be sure to measure the area before you buy the rug to make sure you get the right size.


Styling a glass coffee table can be intimidating, but with the right accessories and decor elements you can create a look that fits any room. Keep these five tips in mind for a luxe and inviting final result.

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