how to style a glass coffee table

How to Style a Glass Coffee Table

Furnishing your home with glass coffee table can add an interesting, modern touch to any room. However, the glass material can also create a lack of warmth and leave you wondering how to properly style the table. Here are three tips to help you make the most of this stylish piece of furniture.

Choose Decorative Accents

A glass coffee table can be transitional in style, so it can easily fit into any room of the house. To give it a custom feel, choose decorative accents carefully. Here are a few types of items to consider:

  • Books: Placing tall, stylish books at the corners of the table can bring a stunning, personalized look to its surroundings.
  • Vases: A few well-placed vases filled with fresh seasonal flowers can add vibrant color to the table and brighten up the space.
  • Artwork: For a unique aesthetic, choose a painting or piece of artwork to be displayed on top of the glass coffee table.

Add a Shaggy Throw Rug

Glass coffee tables can look slightly out of place if you have a large area filled with carpets and rugs. To give the table a more comfortable look, add a shaggy throw rug underneath the coffee table. Choose a rug in vibrant colors or bold pattern to tie together the entire ensemble.

Include a Tray

Coffee table trays are not just decorative, they are also functional. Place a tray on the coffee table to organize items such as magazines, books, and other décor pieces. Not only does adding a tray to the table keep items secure and organized, it can also tie the entire look together by providing a unique centerpiece.

Style a glass coffee table with custom accents, a shaggy throw rug, and a decorative tray to make the most of this stylish and modern piece of furniture. With a few creative touches, you can give the coffee table the perfect finishing touch and transform your room into a cozy and inviting space.

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