how to style a glass coffee table

Styling a Glass Coffee Table in Your Home

Glass coffee tables are a great finishing touch to any room. Transparent and modern, they are both stylish and versatile. But how do you maximize their potential in your home? Here are a few tips for styling your glass coffee table:


Accessories are key to making your glass coffee table look styled. Keep them minimal, opting for items that are interesting but not too busy. Try:

  • Books – arrange a colorful stack of books for a stylish look
  • Vases – use vases to bring in some height and color
  • Tray – use a tray to gather items together


Layers will take your glass coffee table to the next level. Include items of different heights and textures, balancing out each design element by thoughtfully placing items on the table. To add some dimension you can also place items on top of books, such as a small pot or bowl.

Add a Pop of Color

Using color is a great way to bring energy and personality to your living space. Add a pop of color to your glass coffee table in the form of objects, throw pillows, or faux plants. Choose colors that complement the other design elements in the room.

By following these tips your glass coffee table will be the star of the show in your home. With a few carefully chosen pieces you can create a stylish and eye-catching centerpiece. So go ahead, get styling!

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