how to style a glass coffee table

Styling a Glass Coffee Table

Adding a glass coffee table to your living room can be a great way to introduce modern elegance and sophistication. But styling a glass coffee table can be challenging. Here are some tips for styling a glass coffee table for the perfect look:

1. Scale Up

When you’re dealing with a glass coffee table, it’s important to achieve the right proportions. The coffee table should be scaled up compared to other pieces in the room—it should take up visual space and be the “center of attention”. Large coffee tables look great in bigger rooms, while smaller versions are best for smaller rooms.

2. Include Contrast

You don’t want the glass coffee table to disappear. Make it stand out by including the right elements in your overall design. You can incorporate contrast in subtle ways, such as through color, texture, and pattern. For example, a patterned rug and a few colorful pillows can help create visual interest and contrast against a glass top.

3. Add Textural Elements

Glass surfaces can be very cold and sterile. Adding textural elements can help make them more welcoming. You can incorporate baskets, plants, throws, and books for a cozy, inviting atmosphere. Choose items that contrast the table surface and add visual texture.

4. Play with Height

To create a dynamic look, you should play with height. Taller vases, sculptures, candlesticks, and books can be used to add a sense of height and interest on your coffee table. You can also use coffee table trays to arrange items within the table itself. Another good idea is to stack trays, books, and accent pieces.

5. Stick to One Color

Finally, when styling a glass coffee table, it’s best to stick to one color palette. This helps to unify your overall design—choose a color that blends with the rest of your living room décor. You can always add a pop of color with a single accent piece or patterned rug.


Styling a glass coffee table can be tricky, but with these tips, you’re sure to create a stylish and elegant look for your living space. Remember to pay attention to scale, contrast, texture, and height, and stick to one color palette for a cohesive look.

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