how to style a glass coffee table

How To Style A Glass Coffee Table

Glass coffee tables can provide an attractive centerpiece in the middle of any living room. However, the style of your glass coffee table can make the difference between an unremarkable room to an attractive and inviting space. Here are a few tips on how to make your glass coffee table look great.

Choose The Right Coffee Table

The first step in styling a glass coffee table is choosing the right table for your living space. Depending on the size of your room and the furniture style you’re looking for, you can choose from a variety of shapes, sizes, even forms. Consider the size of the table and the size of the furniture around it to ensure it won’t take up too much or too little space.

Create Visual Flow

When decorating your glass coffee table, think of creating a visually appealing flow with the existing furniture in your room. Pick elements that coordinate rather than clash, such as matching the shape and color of the table with the other furniture in the room. This will unify the look of the room and draw the eye around the space.

Pick Accessorize

When accessorizing your glass table, stick to only a couple of pieces and make sure they fit the overall design of the room. While you can pick items that match the main color scheme, don’t be afraid to be bold with unconventional pieces. Consider adding a small plant, a candelabra, or even a decorative bowl.

Add Height

Creating layers can make your glass table look more interesting and eye-catching. Adding items of differing heights to the table creates depth and texture. Consider including items such as:

  • Books – stack them on the table to create immediate height.
  • Vases – add flowers or other decorative items in vases of varying sizes.
  • Candles – create a calming atmosphere with candles of various heights.
  • Lighting –pick a lamp to provide an extra source of light.

Incorporate Colors and Textures

In addition to the differing heights, consider adding contrasting textures and colors. Pick items upholstered in velvet or linen, and add a few accents with color. This can break up monotony and create a visually alluring look.

Final Thoughts

Styling a glass coffee table can seem daunting but following these simple tips can turn an ordinary looking room into something stunning. Consider the size, shape and existing furniture before selecting the table. Carefully add layers of items of varying heights and textures, along with a few touches of color. Lastly, don’t be afraid to push the boundaries of what’s expected and get creative with your design!

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