how to style a glass coffee table

Styling a Glass Coffee Table

Glass coffee tables make a great addition to any room, as they give an open and spacious feel to the area. But how can you get the most out of your glass coffee table by styling it in creative and practical ways? Here are some tips for making your table look stellar:

1. Use Colour

Start by selecting a few accent colours to use in your décor. Select bold colours such as red, orange, or yellow. Place items such as throw pillows, lamps or decorative objects on or around the coffee table in these colours to make your coffee table stand out.

2. Add Texture

Since a glass coffee table is a flat surface, you can achieve an interesting look by adding some texture. Try adding a fur blanket or a woven basket to the table to create a visually stimulating contrast.

3. Think Practically

You don’t have to only decorate the table with objects – you can also use it as a functional piece of furniture. Place a trinket tray on the table to store keys, wallets and other items. You can also use it to hold handy items such as remote controls or stationery.

4. Make it Personal

Making the table your own can really add to the room’s aesthetic. Place framed photographs, plants or vases on the table to give the area a homey feel and inject a bit of your personality into the design.

5. Mix and Match

Don’t be afraid to mix and match different styles to achieve your desired look. Try pairing vintage and modern pieces, such as a contemporary lamp and a vintage rug. This can create an interesting blend of old and new that makes the room visually interesting.

Styling your glass coffee table can be a fun and creative process. By following these tips, you can make your space look amazing and create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.

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