how to style a glass coffee table

How to Style a Glass Coffee Table

Nothing ties a living room together better than a sleek and stylish glass coffee table. There are few pieces of décor that can enhance the look of a living room quite like a unique glass coffee table, and with the right approach you can use it to bring the entire room together. Here are a few tips on how to style a glass coffee table.

1. Start with a Center Piece

The first step to styling a glass coffee table is to choose a centre-piece for it. This can be something like a decorative bowl, a platter with a nice pattern, or perhaps a vase filled with wild-flowers. From there, it’s a matter of arranging accent pieces around it in order to create the desired effect. Opt for objects that won’t obscure your center-piece, and that contrast nicely with the glass of the table itself.

2. Group Items Symmetrically

Once you have chosen the objects you want to use to decorate your glass coffee table, it’s time to think about the right layout. One of the simplest and most aesthetically pleasing styles you can opt for is that of symmetry. Group items in pairs and threes – such as candles, books, or sculptures – and arrange them on opposite sides of the center-piece. If you have room, feel free to keep adding similar items to create the perfect symmetrical style.

3. Add Visual Variety

Symmetry can be nice, but a little visual variety can go a long way when it comes to styling a glass coffee table. If you choose to group items asymmetrically then mix shapes, sizes and textures together. Make use of items with different heights, and play with the intensity of different colors and patterns. This can create an eye-catching and dynamic effect that will draw in anyone who takes a look at your glass coffee table.

4. Balance Of Empty Space

Finally, it’s important to remember that negative space is just as important as positive space. Once your glass coffee table is adorned with all the objects you want, don‘t be afraid to leave some of the glass uncovered. Allowing your arrangement to breathe will help to avoid a cluttered, over-styled look, while still allowing you to showcase any special items you have.


Styling a glass coffee table is a great way of bringing a living room together, and with these simple tips that process can be as easy as can be. Start by choosing a center-piece, group items symmetrically – or asymmetrically – and remember to leave some empty space. With these steps in mind you can be sure that your glass coffee table will create an impact.

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