how to style a glass coffee table

How to Style a Glass Coffee Table

Glass coffee tables make a great addition to any living room as they provide a modern and clean look. Like any other table, a glass coffee table can be styled to make a room look inviting and stylish.

Steps to Style a Glass Coffee Table

  1. Choose a Focal Point – Decide on the centerpiece of your table that you want to be the focus. This could be a vase, figurine, or a large book.
  2. Create height – Choose items like a decorative bowl or an ornamental jar to add height to the table. Try to use something that is bigger than side objects for the center part.
  3. Add Side Objects – Use smaller items like a candle, a sculpture or a few books or plants to place around the large object to create symmetry.

Tips for Styling a Glass Coffee Table

  • Try to use objects of the same size and stick to an even number to achieve a balanced look.
  • Keep things minimal and try to limit the items on your table to a maximum of five for a more clean and organized look.
  • If your table does not have a centerpiece, a rug underneath can add a visual interest to the table.

Following these steps and tips, you can achieve a stylish and modern look for your glass coffee table. It is also important to choose items that you like and that make you happy.

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