how to style a coffee table ottoman

How to Style a Coffee Table Ottoman

Coffee table ottomans are versatile, multifunctional pieces of furniture and can be used to add extra seating to a room. Ottomans are also a place to gather around – putting your feet up, playing games or just chill out. With so many looks, fabrics and colours to choose from, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Here’s how to style your ottoman right:

Choose Colours and Patterns

When selecting a fabric and colour, think of the feeling you want the space to evoke. Bright and fun, calming and welcoming? You will find plenty of hues and prints, from solids and stripes to animal prints, geometric and florals.

Choose the Right Ottoman Size

Measure the space you have for the ottoman, then choose one that is not too large or small for the room. When selecting the size of the ottoman, take into account its use such as for seating or a footstool. Consider the size of the furniture pieces nearby and the traffic flow for the room.

Think of the Functionality

Do you need storage? If yes, there are several options – go for an ottoman with lift-top storage or an ottoman with drawers or shelves. If you want an ottoman to serve as an extra seating, opt for an ottoman with removable cushion. If you want an ottoman with a tray, select one with a removable tray top that can be placed on top of the ottoman.

Choose the Right Accessories

To really style your ottoman, you need a few key accessories such as pillows, throws, rugs and decorative items such as books, lamps and flowers. For example, if your ottoman has geometric patterns, add some solid-coloured pillows for contrast.

Put It All Together

Once you have your ottoman, fabric, colour and accessories, it’s time to juxtapose everything and bring the room together.

Remember these tips:

  • Choose colors and patterns that will match the room’s decor.
  • Select an ottoman that is the right size for your space.
  • Think about the functionality – whether you need storage or extra seating.
  • Choose accessories that will bring the whole look together.

One of the great things about ottomans is that they can be easily moved around, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles and textures. With these tips, you’ll be able to style your coffee table ottoman the way you want, in no time!

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