how to store lego under coffee table

Storing LEGO Under A Coffee Table

LEGO is an incredibly popular toy, yet it can quickly become an unwieldy jumble of tiny pieces which can quickly take over an entire room. When organizing your home, storing LEGO toys under a coffee table can be a great way to maximize the space in your home while ensuring all the parts are easily accessible.

What You’ll Need:

  • A Coffee Table
  • Storage Boxes (Plastic, Metal, or Wooden)
  • Labels
  • Casters


  1. Choose a sturdy coffee table with an appropriate size and design for your belongings. Measure the interior space of the table to make sure the storage boxes you plan to use are a good fit.
  2. Purchase storage boxes with lids which are big enough to hold the LEGO toys that you need to store. Plastic boxes with drawers will make it easier to find specific pieces.
  3. Label the boxes according to the type and size of the LEGO pieces they contain. This will help to keep your LEGO organized and it will also help you quickly find the pieces you’re looking for.
  4. Position the storage boxes in the interior of the coffee table. This will keep them out of the way while making them accessible when needed. You may also want to add casters to the bottom of the boxes to make it easier to pull them out.
  5. Secure the lid of the box or drawers to ensure that the LEGO pieces don’t spill out when you open the box.


By following these simple steps, you can store LEGO pieces under a coffee table in an organized and space-efficient way. This will maximize the space in your home while making it easier to access the LEGO pieces when needed.

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