how to store lego under coffee table

Storing LEGO Under Your Coffee Table

Do you need more storage for your LEGO sets without taking up precious space? Under your coffee table may be the perfect spot to fit it all in! Here’s how to store LEGO under your coffee table:

Choose the Right Coffee Table

Not all coffee tables will work for this idea. The right coffee table should have the following features:

  • Enough space to fit multiple LEGO sets. Measure the dimensions of your coffee table to make sure it will fit all your LEGO creations.
  • Not too heavy. Choose a coffee table that can be moved when needed.
  • High skirt. Look for coffee tables that have a higher skirt – this will help to keep dust from easily accessing the LEGO inside.

Organizing LEGO Pieces

Once you’ve chosen the perfect coffee table, it’s time to organize the LEGO! Here are some tips to help you make the most of the space under your coffee table:

  • Inventory. Create an inventory of all the LEGO pieces you have and group them together by type. That way you can easily grab the pieces you need.
  • No-Skid Drawers. If you have larger sets or multiple LEGO sets, consider investing in no-skid drawers to keep them organized.
  • Lids. If you don’t have any no-skid drawers, try using lids to keep dust and other debris out.
  • Containers. To help keep track of smaller pieces, try using small containers. For example, use an ice cube tray for the tiniest pieces and use larger containers for the bigger pieces.

Storing LEGO Under Your Coffee Table

Storing LEGO under your coffee table can add convenient storage without taking up extra room. With the right coffee table and a few organizing tips, your LEGO sets will be neat and ready to go whenever you need them!

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