how to stop puppy jumping up on coffee table

How to Stop a Puppy Jumping Up on the Coffee Table

Training your puppy not to jump up on the coffee table is important to avoid potential accidents and damage to furniture that can be caused by an untrained pup. Below are the steps to take for a successful result:

Understand the Behavior

First of all, it’s important to understand why your puppy feels it’s ok to jump up on the coffee table. Puppies jump up as a natural behavior in order to gain attention or give themselves an advantage during play. It’s a sign of excitement and enthusiasm that should be redirected with positive reinforcement training.

Positive Reinforcement Training

Using positive reinforcement is the best way to get your puppy to understand what is expected of them.Here are the steps:

  • When your puppy is not jumping up on the coffee table, offer them a reward or praise.
  • If your puppy jumps up on the coffee table, step towards them and make a loud “NO” or “AH AH” sound.
  • Offer your puppy a reward or praise if they move away from the table.
  • Repeat this process over time and your puppy will learn to only go near the coffee table with your permission.

Discourage Jumping Up

It’s important to discourage your puppy from jumping up even when they are not on the coffee table. You can do this by:

  • Avoiding giving them attention when they jump up.
  • Placing a dog gate between your puppy and the coffee table.
  • Leashing your puppy when they are in the same room as the coffee table.
  • Introducing a “down” command in a positive and consistent way.

With practice and consistency, your puppy will understand that jumping up on the coffee table is not acceptable behaviour.

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