how to stop puppy jumping on coffee table

How To Stop Puppy Jumping on Your Coffee Table

You come home after a long day, open the door and your puppy is jumping up onto your coffee table, knocking over your favourite knick-knacks. You know you should stop them, but how?

These handy tips will help you to stop your puppy from jumping on your coffee table:

1. Provide a Comfortable Alternative

Giving your puppy a comfortable and inviting alternative to the coffee table will help to take away the urge to jump onto it. Make sure the alternative is close enough for them to jump onto, as well as low enough for them to safely jump onto.

2. Reward Good Behaviour

When your puppy is behaving, make sure you reward them. Give them plenty of praise and a few treats to show them that they’re doing a great job.

3. Hold Off on Punishing Bad Behaviour

It’s best to avoid punishing your puppy when they jump on the coffee table. Instead, take them away from the table and focus on rewarding them for good behaviour.

4. Get them Used to the Routine

Create a consistent routine for your puppy so that they know what to expect from their day-to-day life. This will help them to stay focused, and it will be easier for them to learn what behaviours are appropriate.

5. Make it Unappealing

You can make jumping on the coffee table unappealing for your puppy by placing uncomfortable objects, like aluminium foil, on the table. This will deter them from jumping on the table.

6. Supervise at all Times

Make sure to watch your puppy closely when they are in the same room as the coffee table, so that you can be ready to redirect their attention if they attempt to jump on it.


By following these steps, you can help to stop your puppy from jumping on the coffee table. It may take some time to completely stop the behaviour, but with patience and consistency, you’ll be able to make your puppy understand that the coffee table isn’t a place to jump onto.

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