how to stain coffee table

How to stain a Coffee Table

Staining a coffee table is an easy way to give it a completely new look, without breaking the bank. Below are the steps on how to stain a coffee table successfully.

Getting Started:

  • Choose the right stain: Select a stain that works best with the type of wood on your coffee table, as well as the color of your other furniture.
  • Gather the necessary supplies: sandpaper, tack cloth, paint brush, staining brush, gloves and paste wax.
  • Prepare the area: Place newspapers or drop cloths around your coffee table and make sure not to stain the surrounding floor, walls, or furniture.
  • Sand the surface:Start with a medium-grit sandpaper and move your way up to fine-grit sandpaper. Make sure to sand every corner and crevice of your coffee table.
  • Remove the dust: Wipe away the dust with tack cloths or a damp cloth to make sure your coffee table is completely clean fromdust.

Stain Application:

  • Paint on the stain: Use a staining brush, foam brush or spray to apply an even coat of stain to your coffee table. Keep brushing and rubbing until the surface is completely saturated with the stain.
  • Let it dry: Leave the coffee table to dry completely until it looks dry to the touch.
  • Apply a sealant or wax: Once dry, you may apply a sealant or paste wax over the stain. This will help protect the wood and make it last longer.


Staining your coffee table is a great way to give it a unique and stylish look. With proper planning and preparation, you can easily stain your coffee table, and enjoy the new look for years to come.

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