how to stain a coffee table white

White Staining Coffee Table

Supplies needed

  • Sandpaper
  • Stain – white
  • Paint Brush
  • Clear Polyurethane
  • Paint Roller
  • Rag


  1. Sand the table surface with sandpaper. This is important since it will get the table ready for the staining process. Make sure you sand until the surface is nice and smooth.
  2. Stain the surface with white stain. Apply the white stain with a paint brush over the entire surface evenly. Make sure to apply the stain in the same direction with each stroke.
  3. Let the stain dry. Allow the stain to dry completely, usually takes a few hours. Make sure not to touch the stain, as it may leave fingerprints on the surface.
  4. Apply a coat of clear polyurethane. After the stain has dried, use a paint roller to apply a coat of clear polyurethane over the entire surface. Make sure to apply the polyurethane in the same direction with each stroke.
  5. Allow the polyurethane to dry. This will take several hours and should not be touched during this time.
  6. Buff the surface with a rag. Once the polyurethane has fully dried, buff the surface with a clean rag to get a smooth finish.


Congratulations! You have successfully stained your coffee table white. Now it is time to enjoy your beautiful new coffee table.

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