how to shoot a coffee table book

How to Shoot a Coffee Table Book

Photographing and creating a professional-looking coffee table book can be a great way to showcase your portfolio or to keep memories alive. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to shoot a coffee table book.

1. Choose your Theme

Start by deciding what kind of book you’d like to create. It could be a series of photos from a family get-together or a collection of stunning landscapes from your last vacation. It could be anything you want, so choose your theme and create a story around it.

2. Select your Equipment

If you want your book to really stand out, the right equipment is essential. Consider using a DSLR camera with a wide angle lens to capture landscapes or specialized macro lenses if you want to zoom in on smaller objects. For food or product photography, set up a light tent and use a tripod to take consistent shots.

3. Establish a Budget

Coffee table books typically require a higher budget as they’re usually very large and printed on thicker, sturdier paper than regular books. Allocate your budget accordingly to ensure your book is of the highest quality.

4. Select your Images

Now it’s time to select the images for your book. Be selective – choose only your best images that are truly representative of your theme. Crop and edit the photos as needed to remove any blemishes and enhance the colors, contrast and brightness of the images.

5. Create the Layout

The layout of the book is a very important factor in making it visually appealing. Decide on the size and shape of each photo, spread them out evenly in a way that tells a story, and add captions to further elaborate on your photos. Additionally, consider incorporating text, graphics or artwork that add to the overall theme of the book.

6. Choosing a Printer

Finally, it’s time to choose a printer for your coffee table book. Choose one who specializes in coffee table books and can provide high-quality materials at an affordable price.

7. Publish your Book

Once the book is printed and ready, publish it and share your work with the world. Don’t forget to promote it on your website and on social media to generate interest and reach more people.


Creating a coffee table book is a great way to showcase your photos and tell a story. Just remember to be selective in your choice of images, take the time to layout your book perfectly and use the right equipment. With a bit of effort, you can create a book that you’ll be proud of!

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