how to shabby chic a pine coffee table

How To Shabby Chic a Pine Coffee Table

Shabby chic is an attractive and stylish way to repurpose an older piece of furniture. If you’re looking to transform an old pine coffee table, here is how to shabby chic it!

Steps to Follow

  • Clean the surface thoroughly with a dry cloth.
  • Lightly sand the top, sides and edges of the coffee table with a fine-grain sandpaper to roughen the wood.
  • Paint the piece with a primer. This is important because it will help the new paint and sealer adhere to the wood.
  • Choose a color from a craft store, hardware store, or home improvement center and apply the paint to the pine coffee table. Use a container to mix small amounts of paint with a little water so that you won’t have to mix it constantly.
  • Let it dry and then decide whether you’d like to distress it further by sanding specific parts.
  • Finally, apply a sealer to protect the paint and enhance the shabby chic look.

Now you have a beautiful, shabby chic pine coffee table! With the right tools and supplies, shabby chic-ing your furniture doesn’t have to be a complicated process.

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