how to setup pin leg coffee table

How To Setup Pin Leg Coffee Table

Are you looking for a new and trendy coffee table for your living room? Pin leg coffee tables have quickly become the most popular choice in recent years and they don’t require too much effort or time to set up. Read on to find out exactly how to set up your pin leg coffee table.


  • Coffee table
  • 4 table legs
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Table Screws


  1. Start by laying down your coffee table upside down.
  2. Put the legs of the coffee table in their places. Make sure that each leg is secured firmly and is well balanced.
  3. Now take your drill and attach your table screws in the appropriate holes. Do this for the four legs of your coffee table.
  4. Next, take your screwdriver and fit the screws into the legs of the coffee table. Do this for all four legs and make sure the connection is tight and secure.
  5. Finally, flip your coffee table back over and place it in your desired spot it’s ready to use!

And you’re done! Setting up a pin leg coffee table is quick and easy and requires very minimal effort or time. So, go ahead and start setting up your coffee table and make your living room the best it can be!

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