how to setup coffee table for video dhoot

How to Set Up a Coffee Table for Video Shoot

When it comes to shooting video, having a great looking coffee table is key. The coffee table adds texture and style to the scene, and can be used to feature items of interest or to house props. Here is how to set up a coffee table that looks great on camera.


  • Choose a Table – Select a coffee table that matches the look and feel of the shot you’re trying to create. It should be large enough to fit the items you need, but not so big that it dominates the frame. Try to select a table with interesting or unique features like an interesting shape or color.
  • Find the Right Location – Place the table on the side of the room that works best in terms of frames, lighting, and any props. Additionally, the coffee table should not be in the way of the action or other objects in the scene.
  • Arrange the Items – Decide on which items to include in the shot and then start arranging them on the coffee table. Include only what’s necessary for the shot, and try to avoid having too much clutter. Also, make sure the items are arranged in an appealing way and that they’re interesting to look at.
  • Lighting – Lighting is an important part of making the coffee table look attractive in the shot. Use natural light whenever possible, or supplement it with a few lamps. Be careful not to overpower the objects on the table with too much lighting.
  • Background – The background can make or break the look of the coffee table. If the scene is in a room, add a background that’s interesting and that ties into the other elements of the shot. If you’re shooting outside, find a nice outdoor background that helps to enhance the overall look of the coffee table.
  • Final Touch – Before shooting the scene, take a few minutes to adjust any elements that need tweaking. Straighten the items on the table, adjust the lighting, and add any last minute props or items that can help to create a more dynamic shot. Once everything looks great, you’re ready to roll.


Setting up a coffee table for a video shoot can be a great way to elevate the look of the scene. The key elements are choosing the right table, finding the right location, arranging the items, and paying attention to lighting and background. With a few simple steps, you can create a great looking and eye-catching coffee table for your video.

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