how to set up coffee table

The Ultimate Guide on How to Set Up a Coffee Table

Tired of having an unorganized coffee table that doesn’t match your décor? The coffee table often serves as a centerpiece in your living room and is a great opportunity for you to be creative with. Set up a coffee table that fits your living room’s style and allows little trinkets and other things to be organized neatly. Here’s how.

Decide on a Theme

Choose a theme or motif that you would like to incorporate into your coffee table décor. Having a unified look of trinkets and other items on the coffee table will make the table look more attractive. Think about the general vibe you would like to create and the color scheme you want to work with.

Gather Your Supplies

Once you have a theme in mind, start gathering items that tie in with that theme. Examples of items you can gather include books, flowers, candles, vases, trinkets, and picture frames. For a cleaner and modern look, pick items that have similar colors or shapes.

Arrange the Coffee Table

Now it’s time to arrange the items on the coffee table. To make sure your coffee table looks well-balanced, arrange the items in groups of three and five. To tie in with the theme, you can use books and trinkets to stack and create different heights in your display. You can also layer items like a tray on top and books underneath.

Once you have your layering and stacking done, use decorative items to add more detail and texture. Examples of these items are plants and flowers, candles, figurines, vases, and vessels.

Style and Accessorize the Coffee Table

Here are some tips for styling and accessorizing your coffee table:

  • Play with texture: Play with different textures in your styling, like a knitted blanket, a smooth glass vase, a wooden box, and a velvet cushion.
  • Add some color: Add a splash of color with vibrant items like flowers or trinkets.
  • Implement function: If you need things to get it done, consider the function and practicality of the items you have on your coffee table, like a laptop or piad of paper.

With these tips and tricks, your coffee table will surely have an eye-catching display that fits your living room’s style. Have fun with it and enjoy!

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