how to set up coffee table for video shoot

How to Set Up a Coffee Table for a Video Shoot

Video shoots require planning, not only in terms of costumes and scripts, but also in terms of scenery and props. When it comes to props, one of the most versatile pieces you can use is a coffee table. Setting up a coffee table for a video shoot involves more than just placing the table in the center of the room. Here’s a guide to how to properly set a coffee table for a video shoot.

Choose an Appropriate Table

Carefully consider the size and color of the table in relation to the shoots goal. If you have an open space with a lot of light, choose a larger table with lighter tones so that it doesn’t absorb the light. If your space is small or you want to create a certain mood, select a smaller table and darker colors.

Think About Accessories

Just placing a table in the center of the room isn’t enough. Accessories allow you to create the perfect scene for a video shoot. You can include:

  • Books: Classic coffee table books are the perfect addition to completed the look of the table.
  • Plants: Plants add life and vibrance to any shoot. Choose a plant that is easy to care for and non-toxic.
  • Candles: Add a subtle ambience to a shoot with candles. Be careful to never leave any lit candles unattended.
  • Imbellishments: Embellishments are a great way to personalize a shoot. Consider adding vases, trays, or other decorations to the table.

Hide Cable Wires

Cable wires are an eyesore in any video shoot. Before wrapping up the setup process, consider hiding cables behind or under furniture so that they are not visible. After the table is setup, run the cables through nearby furniture like couches or underneath the carpet. This will keep them out of sight and make the shoot look more professional.

Setting up a coffee table correctly requires taking a lot of factors into consideration. Consider everything, from the table’s size and color, to the accessories and hiding of wires. By taking the right steps, you can create the perfect backdrop for a successful video shoot.

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