how to set out easter candy on your coffee table

Setting Out Easter Candy On Your Coffee Table

Setting out an Easter treat on your coffee table is a great way to bring a bit of festiveness to your home this Easter. Here’s how to do it:

Choose Your Candy

The first step is to choose your candy:

  • Chocolate – This a classic Easter candy favourite and you can pick from a variety of shapes such as eggs, bunnies, bars and truffles.
  • Filled Easter Eggs – Pick a selection of plastic eggs filled with candies and trinkets.
  • Foam Spring Treats – Get some fun foam shapes such as chicks, Easter eggs, bunnies and flowers.

Prepare Your Coffee Table

  • Select a serving dish, such as a bowl, tray or basket.
  • Grab some Easter themed decorations such as bunny figurines, carrots and springtime flowers.
  • Place your decorations in the serving dish.
  • Add filler items such as moss, shredded paper or fabric, for a decorative display.

Create Your Easter Candy Display

  • Place your candy into the serving bowl and spread it around.
  • Fill in any spaces with decorations and filler items, to create a enchanting display.
  • Place the bowl onto the coffee table and voilà! Your Easter candy display is complete!

That’s all there is to it! Setting out Easter candy on your coffee table is sure to brighten your home with the joy of Easter.

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