how to set a pretty coffee table

How to Set a Pretty Coffee Table

A great looking coffee table can give a room a finished, polished look. Setting a beautiful and functional coffee table does not require special skills, but rather attention to the details. Here are some easy steps for setting the perfect coffee table:

Choose Your Base

If you have a great looking coffee table, show it off! Start by placing at least two items of varying heights on the table. This will create a visual interest and foundation to build off of.

Layer on Decor

Your coffee table can be a statement piece in your home so be creative! Add items that are aligned with the style of the rest of the room.

Choose the Right Pieces

Think function and form when styling your coffee table. Pick items that are beautiful and useful. Here are some ideas:

Vases & Flowers

Flowers and vases can add a unique flare to any table. Choose a vase that aligns with the color palette in your room and find flowers to match.


Books can make for great decor pieces that offer additional storage for items such as remotes or magazines.

Table Accessories

Lastly, don’t forget about the basic items. Coasters, a cute tray, and other small items can bring your room together by adding texture and completing the look of the table.

Think About Balance

An important factor to consider is balance. Depending on the size of the table, try to make sure the items you add don’t overpower the decor.

Remember, the key to a beautiful coffee table is to mix items of varying heights and textures. With a little creativity and finesse, you can create a stylish, functional table that is sure to wow any visitors.

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