how to secure glass on top of coffee table

Steps to Secure Glass on Top of Coffee Table

If you have glass on top of your coffee table, you may want to secure it in place. Here are some easy steps to help secure the glass:

Use Clear Silicon

  • Apply a bead of clear silicon along the inside of the wood trim of the table.
  • Spread the bead of clear silicon gently with your finger to make sure it gets into all of the small areas.
  • Press the glass gently onto the clear silicon.
  • Let the silicon dry for 24 hours.

Use Silicone Suction Cups

  • Clean the areas of glass where the silicone suction cups will touch.
  • Attach the silicone suction cups to the areas on the glass you have cleaned.
  • Press the silicone suction cups firmly against the table.
  • Press the center of each suction cup to ensure they are firmly attached.

Use Reinforcing Strips

  • Measure the inside corners of the wood trim for the coffee table.
  • Cut strips of aluminum, or steel, to fit inside each corner.
  • Along the upper two corners of the coffee table, attach two strips per corner with small nails.
  • Press the glass firmly against the strips.

Follow these steps and your glass will be securely attached to your coffee table.

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